Rachel Taylor no longer Touring with He Is We

Rachel Taylor of He Is We has released a statement announcing that she will no longer be able to tour with the band due to her illnesses that have caused her to endure chemotherapy. He Is We will be announcing a new singer for the band soon.
Statement below

Music has always been my dream. I began writing songs to express my feelings. Sadness, excitement, anger, hope, frustration, confusion, love. I poured everything I had into writing. When Trevor and I began making music together it was all fun. We eventually threw a few songs on some website called “MySpace” and one day realized people actually wanted to hear what we had to share and let us know the impact that our music had on their lives. Knowing our music helped and inspired people in turn helped and inspired us! We wrote more songs, started touring, got signed, and have continued to write music and tour the past few years. As many of you know, this has been a very difficult process on my health and happiness. I have dealt with a lot both physically and mentally. For several tours now, I have played our set and then was forced to retreat to our green room to cope with pain, nausea, panic attacks, migraines, and a lot of other really cool stuff that isn’t fun to talk about like vomiting. . A lot of this culminated with us having to drop off our tour with All Time Low last fall. While we know we maybe let some of you down, the support and encouragement from all of you was tremendously helpful and overwhelming. Not being able to connect with all of you has been really hard. Our anthem has always been “We All Have A Story To Tell.” He Is We Is all about connecting with you guys and sharing in our victories and struggles together. I haven’t been able to do that for a few tours now and that is heartbreaking. Because of my accumulating health issues and concerns from my doctors and loved ones, I can not continue to tour. This is something very difficult to admit. Trevor and I have talked a lot about this and feel that my inability to tour should not be the end of the road for He is We. We will continue with our tour plans for the “Give It All Tour.” Tomorrow we will introduce you to who will be filling in for me. It kills me that I can’t be there, but I literally just can’t tour. After our tour with The Summer Set and The Cab, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. Put simply, my vertebrae are fusing together. I am going through a form of chemotherapy for my condition and doctors don’t know if I will ever truly be healthy enough to be on the road full time again. When I am on stage and can’t hear myself singing because you guys are louder than the PA is a magical feeling that makes me feel that He Is We can’t just stop because I can’t tour. Our name, He Is We, basically means we are all in this life together. We as friends and fellow humans needs to pull our strength together and help however we can for the greater good of others. Truly and whole heartedly wish I could be there, but the show must go on. I love each and every one of you and appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. I will do my best to keep you all updated on our facebook and twitter. PS Trevor says if #GetWellSoonRachel trends, he’ll sing the man part of “All About Us” Bamboozle.


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