Queer indie artist Courtney Govan releases latest single “Stay Still”

Queer indie-pop riser Courtney Govan has released “Stay Still”, an introspective call to arms, encouraging listeners to sidestep the temptations of seclusion and leave our mental health bunkers to manifest our happiness. The single can now be streamed on all digital platforms. A shimmering synth and guitar bop, “Stay Still” adopts a Robyn-esque approach to the contrary emotions. Govan flexes the two parts of “Stay Still” into one. A neon-tinged banger and a track about feeling isolated and insignificant, she melds each emotion into one energetic electro-tinged anxiety anthem that examines the overstimulation experienced in the digital age. Reflecting the humanistic approach to songwriting that has become her signature, Govan is purposeful in the messaging of “Stay Still,” offering a simple reminder that self-care is never selfish and is a gift we can only receive from ourselves.





With human empowerment in mind, Courtney Govan uses her own emotions and life experiences as a way to connect with her peers personally and hopefully inspire them to be loved “before (not after).” Govan uses her influence to create a community for her peers and listeners to make them feel less alone when facing the ups and downs of life. The plus-size, queer artist, who is being a proponent of change and inclusivity, by taking back the word “fat” and positioning it as a term of beauty, is adamant about being encouraging. She approaches each song she writes, hoping their message will help anyone who listens feel a little more seen, sexy, powerful, and safe in their skin. Fans can download or stream “Stay Still” now and follow Govan on TikTok, where she shares her music career journey, highlights her home remodeling project progress, and speaks out about social issues about the LGBTQ+ & plus size community. You can listen to her previous singles, “out of the blue,” featured on Spotify’s Official PRIDE Out Now playlist, and “serotonin,” which went viral on TikTok, on all streaming platforms, and you can watch Govan on Season 1 of Fox’s I Can See Your Voice. You can connect with Courtney Govan via the following links.  Photo credit: Courtney Govan. Bio taken from press release.


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