Priests – Future Killer // 7.17.17 Louisville, KY

Priests with Future Killer

Zanzabar// Louisville, Ky

July 17th, 2017

Washington, DC punk band Priests performed in Louisville recently and put on an incredible show.  From the moment they took the stage, the band put on a fun and energetic show. Singer Katie Alice Greer, donning a cut off cream lace dress, bleached wavy hair, blue eye make up and red lipstick is a dynamic vocalist.  She made great use of the stage, dancing the entire time and really interacting with the crowd, as they danced and sang along with her.  Greer is also a very expressive singer, her emotion evident during every song.  She has an incredible voice for punk rock, reminding me very much of Kathleen Hanna or Poly Styrene in the way that she could hit those high notes with a bit of raspiness.  Before performing their last song, a member of the audience shouted that they should play a few more, to which she responded that there was no time and that it was past their bedtime, which got a few laughs!  Although it was my first time seeing them live, they completely won me over.  I have no doubt they made some new fans with their infectious live performance!

Words and Photos by Emily May

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