Pop-punk artist Northern Weather announce anthemic new single “North River Road”

Akron, Ohio pop-punk artist Northern Weather has announced the release date for their anthemic new single “North River Road”, out on streaming services December 17th, 2021 through independent label Carved from Stone Records.

Their previous single “Neal Says He’s a Viking”, the band’s label debut, features elements of visceral vulnerability and energetic instrumentation akin to bands such as Free Throw, Title Fight, and The Wonder Years. This single features a little bit of influence for all alternative music listeners to enjoy.

Carved from Stone Records has provided a link to pre-save the single on Spotify when it is released, listed here.

Some things come as natural as the weather – that goes double for Ohio emo-punk outriders Northern Weather. The project formed in 2018 with the shifting winds. Lineup changes. Name changes. Hell, even genre changes. But what emerged? Nothing less than a breath of fresh air.

“This upcoming record is us – unapologetic, hearts on our sleeves – talking about who we are and what we’ve experienced,” the band says. “These are songs about loss, about relationships and their ends, about rekindling friendship, about moving on, and about growing up.”

Part of that growing up you can blame on a global pandemic. After months of uncertainty, guitarist/vocalists Robert Keller and Alex Styles, bassist Garrett Kimmel and drummer Kevin Pees reunited with a newfound clarity on what Northern Weather would be.

“For as awful of a thing as COVID is, it really allowed us to hone in on ourselves as musicians and songwriters. When we resumed practicing, we all brought a lot to the table and solidified exactly what we wanted for a full-length album.”

In Northern Weather’s upcoming debut studio album, you’ll find an album of damns. Feeling damn angry. Feeling damn sorry. And feeling really damn ready for the future of Northern Weather.

“Even though we’ve been a band for three years now, this is truly just the beginning for us,” the band says. “We hope everyone finds at least one song that resonates with them, something that connects them to the album. And we hope that everyone leaves anticipating what we come up with next.”

Press release written by Micah Smith

Single and upcoming album artwork created by Christian Arnder

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