Paradise Fears Q&A with PureVolume

Photo of vocalist Sam Miller by Jade Van Kley

Check out this awesome Q&A PureVolume did with Paradise Fears lead vocalist Sam Miller on their upcoming acoustic EP.

PV: Ooh, suspense! So what do you dig about going acoustic versus playing plugged?
SM: It’s a much more authentic and personal feel. It’s a lot easier to connect to listeners in a live setting when you’re just playing acoustic as opposed to having to hide behind the wall of sound that usually comes with being fully plugged in. Also, I love the sound of straight piano, and Michael, our keyboard player, is a pretty amazing pianist, and this acoustic EP will showcase that quite a bit more.

PV: What are some of your favorite acoustic versions of songs of unplugged albums?
SM: A band favorite is All Time Low’s “Jasey Rae,” which was produced by the same guy, Jordan Schmidt, who’s producing our acoustic EP. A Rocket to the Moon put out a record a little less than a year ago called The Rainy Day Sessions that was very creative and authentic, and ended up sounding amazing, plus it really gave the songs new life, which I think is what an acoustic EP should do. Finally, The Spill Canvas are amazing acoustic, so basically whatever they release that has as acoustic guitar in it is mind-blowing.

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