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This Time Next Year’s have reported that their fear and trailer have been stolen last night:

“Last night, in our hometown of Walnut Creek, CA our entire trailer (with all of our gear inside) was stolen. Below is a list of the missing gear– if you have any ideas as to where the trailer might be or see any gear being sold on eBay, Craigslist, etc., PLEASE contact us immediately. Any sort of lead helps, so please do not hesitate.

We’ve set up a PayPal account to [email protected] for anyone who is willing and able to donate to help us out during these tough times. Any tips or leads can be sent to the above address or to the Walnut Creek Police who can be reached at 925.943.5844

If you want to help out but prefer not to donate, please just help us spread the word by reposting, retweeting, and/or reblogging the info, while keeping an eye out for our gear online and in/near/around the Bay Area. We appreciate anything and everything that you can do to get this info out there to as many people as possible.”

TRAILER: 7X12 White – 2008 Interstate Load Runner
All our merchandise – Shirts, Hoodies, CDs

Ampeg 8×10 Bass cab
Mesa 4×12 guitar cab
Carvin 4×12 guitar cab
100 watt portable PA
ESP LTD Hybrid 400 guitar – Black

ROAD CASE w/ Huge No Sleep and Equal Vision stickers
• Ampeg SVT – 400 Bass Head
• Power conditioner
• Mesa foot switch
• Guitar cables
• 3 Boss guitar tuner
• Installed storage space
Green sparkle Ddrum maple drums with Di-Cast hoops;
12in Rack Tom w/ rim mount
14in Floor Tom w/ legs
16in Floor Tom w/ a few chips out of the side
20in Kick Drum w/ wear on the inside hoop, white front head with chrome hole and Equal Vision sticker
13in snare.

Drum Hardware;
Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Pedal w/ black beaters.
Tama Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand.
3 Tama Road Pro Double Braced Cymbal Stands all w/ Black tape on top.
Tama Tom arm and clamp.
Tama Snare stand.
Drum Throne

Zildjian 14in A Custom Hi-Hats top and bottom w/ Master Sound bottom.
Zildjian 22in A Custom Ping Ride.
Paiste 19in Alpha Rock Crash.
Paiste 20in Alpha Rock Crash.

SKB 22in Rolling Cymbal Case.
Anvil Style Drum Road/flight Trunk

(source Alternative Press)


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