Our Lady Peace // Cleveland, OH // 02.08.2023

Our Lady Peace
House Of Blues
Cleveland, OH
February 08, 2023

Despite it being a Wednesday evening, the House Of Blues in Cleveland was filled to the doors for Our Lady Peace.

The Canadian rockers came on stage shortly after 9 pm to the sound of roaring fans.

They started the set with “The Message” off their latest album “Spiritual Machines II“, followed by their hit “One Man Army“. What followed was a great variety of songs from popular hits like  “Innocent” and “Clumsy“, as well as some new tracks. Definitely check out their last release here.

The band stopped midway through their performance of a new track “Neurosis” when they notices a fan in distress. Once everything was sorted they restarted the song and introduced it as “Déjà vu”.

When the band left the stage the crowd chanted “One More Song” and when frontman Raine and the rest of the band came back they jokingly asked “You only want ONE more song? We were gonna play a few more!”

They ended the set with the fan favorite “Starseed” and I have not seen a crowd so engaged in a long time. What a perfect ending to a perfect night!


The Message
One Man Army
In Repair
Superman’s Dead
Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles cover)
Potato Girl
Drop Me in the Water
Is Anybody Home?
Stop Making Stupid People Famous With Nadia from Pussy Riot “hologram”)
Wish You Well

All My Friends (With Mike Turner “ hologram”)
4 am





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