Dark Americana songwriter Annie Stokes premieres new single “Nervous System”

Annie Stokes is a dark Americana songwriter who’s lyrics provide a tight punch. “I like a hook, and I like a song that dredges up specific memories and feelings, rather than generic rushes of serotonin,” she says of her songwriting style. “From the beginning, I would get inspired by snippets of conversations I would hear, or certain smells, or little moments.” Her songwriting catalogue reflects this embrace of the niche/relatable: some songs are inspired by deep-dives into Wikipedia pages about missing people, and others are inspired by the short and shrouded lives of the Romanov princesses.”


Her new single, “Nervous System,” is a lighthearted folk song that utilizes the banjo to elevate the melody. It’s musically reminiscent of a more indie folk pop version of Margo Price while her vocals are like a lighter Gillian Welch meets Jewel. The song is from her forthcoming EP, Wild Rose, written during the pandemic which also happened to be her introduction into motherhood.



“Nervous System” was initially called “Scrambler” and was written after Annie had a panic attack on the Scrambler at the county fair. She explores how her nervous system has shifted since becoming a mom. “I revisited this song while recording this EP and updated the lyrics to reflect my current journey as a mother of two, trying not to self-medicate away the beautiful stress of raising humans, trying to make friends with and glean wisdom from the panic attacks that sometimes paralyze me, and trying to be honest with the people in my life about my limitations,” Annie shares. You can connect with Annie Stokes via the following links. Bio taken from press release.


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