Mai Phuong premieres the acoustic version of her hit song “I’ll Give My Soul”

Mai Phuong is a Vietnamese singer born in Thai Binh Providence, who at a young age found her passion for singing and formed her first band at 16 years old called Levis Band.  They often sang underground songs and she wrote 2 of her own songs.  In 2014, Mai moved to Ho Chi Minh City to attend the University Of Agriculture And Food Production.  Still following her passion for music, in 2016, she joined It’s Time band as their lead vocalist performing around the city.  She has sung for a number of events including the Inauguration Ceremony of the Consulate of Romania in Ho Chi Minh City and the Grand Opening of Ashley Furniture.  Since 2019, she has been a part of the A7N band also as their vocalist has since branched into voice acting.  Also in 2019, Mai auditioned and landed the voice character of Bat Nan in TNA Entertainment’s She-Kings movie franchise.  In 2020.  her first single from the film, “I’ll Give My Soul”, hit number 15 on billboard AC Chart, becoming the 2nd Vietnamese artist ever to reach the chart.


Recently Mai premiered two remixes of her single  “I’ll Give My Soul”  produced by the Tranzformaz.  Today sees the premiere of Mai’s acoustic version of “I’ll Give My Soul” in an attempt to really focus on the message of the lyrics in the song:

Blood was staining his shirt,
Face was buried in dirt,
Hurt, I try to escape.
Withdraw and refuse to be helped.

While I’m here finding peace, War goes on without cease, Then I open my eyes,
I still have everyone,

Always trying hard to make me smile.

I won’t let go,
I can’t let go,
I’ll take my responsibility,

There’s nothing left to cry,
No reason to be shy,
How can I just stay inside and cry,

I won’t stay down,
I won’t hide no more. They’re calling.

My eyes are open wide, And now it’s time to fight, I won’t let them fall.
[Until my last breath].
So I,
I’ll give my soul.

When asked about this acoustic version Mai said ”This song represents power and strength, so I wanted to do a stripped back version of the song for fans to really connect with the message in my lyrics”.  The song aims to honor women and their strength.  You can connect with Mai Phoung via FACEBOOK.


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