Joyce Manor – Turnover – Surf Curse – Prince Daddy & the Hyena // New York, NY // 9.30

Joyce Manor with Turnover, Surf Curse and Prince Daddy & the Hyena

Central Park SummerStage

New York, NY

September 30th, 2021

Photos and Review by Jess Williams

On September 30th, I arrived at Summerstage in the middle of New York’s Central Park, for one of the final shows of the summer season. Joyce Manor, joined by Turnover, Surf Curse and Prince Daddy & the Hyena, would be performing a 10 year anniversary show in celebration of their debut self titled album. Originally planned for the week prior, but rescheduled due to inclement weather, fans were bursting at the seams with anticipation for the show.

Punk rockers Prince Daddy & the Hyena took the stage first, just as the sun became low in the sky. Cotton candy clouds floated above us as fans along the barricade head banged along to the music. Despite their short set, Prince Daddy made the most of the time they were given, performing songs back to back with little to no breaks — outside of lead singer and guitarist Kory Gregory choosing to Airdrop a photo of himself with Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor, 10 years ago, to the first five people who came up on his phone. All jokes aside, this was my first time seeing Prince Daddy and I was truly impressed! 

Up next was surf rock band, Surf Curse. A last minute addition to the lineup, Surf Curse did not disappoint. Vocalist and drummer, Nick Rattigan, cranked out a nearly 30 minute set with an injured foot and I would have never known, if he hadn’t said anything! The level of energy and dedication was unmatched. Rattigan took the final handful of songs off the drums and went into full lead singer mode — making sure that this show was going to be a night to remember. Rattigan jumped off the stage (despite the injured foot) and hopped over the barricade, taking the microphone with him as he wrapped up the final song. 

The third band of the evening was Turnover. The iconic shoegaze band from Virginia Beach, VA had returned to New York City for the first time in way too long. The band opened their set with “Humming”, before diving into the hit single “Super Natural.” Captivated by the bright colors and floral graphics on the screen behind the band, fans swayed side to side in the crowd, singing along to every word. Turnover played a 10 song setlist that concluded with two fan favorites, “Dizzy on the Comedown” and “Take My Head.”

By 8:30, the sun had fully set and Joyce Manor was about to take the stage. I could feel the anticipation in the air as fans pushed their way closer to the stage in order to get a better view. From the darkness, the band emerged and immediately ripped into “Orange Julius”. Joyce Manor, the California based punk rock band, is known for their short but sweet songs. The band played an epically long 22 song setlist that featured songs like “Heart Tattoo”, “NBTSA”, “Christmas Card” and the hit song, “Catalina Fight Song”, before transitioning into their encore. As I headed out of the venue, I could see the stage lights illuminating the city sky around me and the band opened up their encore with a cover of “I Saw Water” by Pennsylvania punk rock band, Tigers Jaw. 

Joyce Manor concluded their 10 year anniversary celebration with “Five Beer Plan”, and the crowd erupted. Heads were bobbing up and down and a circle pit opened in the middle of the crowd. It was intense and exciting and truly part of what makes a Joyce Manor show so enjoyable. That evening was truly one for the books! Already counting down to my next Joyce Manor show! 

Prince Daddy & the Hyena

Surf Curse


Joyce Manor

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