Joe Brooks | October 2010

It’s late on a Thursday night and Joe Brooks takes the stage at Mango’s Cafe, a small bar and venue in Houston, Texas and a place you wouldn’t expect major talent playing. Let me say Joe Brooks just screams talent. If this 23 year-old from UK that’s inspired by artist such as the the Beatles and Jack Johnson, isn’t selling out shows soon then I don’t know what’s wrong with the music industry. Of course Joe doesn’t seem to mind playing this small venue, as you can see by the smile on his face, he’s just happy to play. For being his first show in Texas, he seem to have a small group of fans singing their hearts out to his songs such as “Superman” and “Kaleidoscope”. Joe Brooks music is not only catchy, but passionate. Let’s be honest anyone can write a catchy song and not have any passion put into it. Joe Brooks defiantly has passion and you can see it in his live show. The way it seems like the smile never leaves his face while he’s playing gives you a warm feeling, like maybe all your dreams will come true one day.


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