Jazz and soul artist Lo Marie premieres her new single “The Gap”

Premiering today, Madison, Wisconsin based singer and self-producer Lo Marie is giving us all of the R&B and funk with her newest single “The Gap”. The track shares the struggle of the pay gap for women in industries across the board….a song that is relatable to many. Lo Marie utilizes jazz inspired instrumentation and her sultry vocals in order to grab the listener’s attention and connect to them on a personal level. She knew what she wanted to do with this song and executed it perfectly. “The Gap” combines jazz and funk with neo-soul. Lo Marie radiates girl boss energy and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for this year. She becomes conflicted and frustrated, resulting in the powerful refrain “so f*ck you!” She includes a nice ad-lib scat section in the middle of the track, doubled by an electric guitar, as well as at the very end, tying the song together very nicely.

“The Gap” is based on a million different personal experiences.  I wrote it on a day when I needed to remind myself that who I am and what I do is valuable.  Diminishing our worth as women is not an option, and this song is my way of saying just that.” 



When she was younger, Lo Marie wanted to be an opera singer, but when she saw the amount of self expression jazz music could let her do, she realized that she wanted to go down that route with artists like violinist Melanie Alvey and bassist and mix engineer Conrad St. Clair, both of which she has worked with during her career. Lo Marie is gifted when it comes to writing lyrics, having intense drive, and fulfilling what she desires to with her music. Her abilities as an artist inspire me greatly to fight for what I want as a female artist in the music industry. Lo Marie has blossomed as a confident artist with a focused vision. In this spirit, she opted to self-produce. Lo Marie‘s “The Gap” is out via all digital outlets today.  You can connect with her via the following links:



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