Interview with Wolves At The Gate

What drew the band members together?
Back in April of 2008, by the grace of God, He constructed our band with the right guys. We all met in college at Cedarville University in Ohio. Taking it back further, ever since I picked up guitar back in 2005 I had been writing, had a number of songs finished and had always wanted to start a band but the Lord made me wait until for the right guys so that the ministry of Wolves At The Gate could be effective. Simply put, in college I met these three other guys through God’s intentional direction. I knew Ben and Jeremy from various different things in college and knew that they loved the Lord, liked good music, and were great at their instruments. One our first shows was a house show we played in town and Colin came by after hearing about the show and approached us after the show. He basically just asked if he could be in the band and he joined the band that night. It was awesome to see God’s hand through all of it because all of WATG came together in a matter of a week.

In your opinion, what has been your biggest accomplishment?
Initially I think that we would all agree that the accomplishment of writing music we genuinely love. I guess the style of music we’ve adopted for ourselves is something we’ve always wanted to hear and somehow we’ve been able to capture that concept. But am just really proud that the band collectively has maintained the desire to give God the glory for any success and we’ve continued to focus on sharing the good news of salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection.

How big of a part does Wolves At The Gate have on your life?
I would say that while we all still have jobs to make ends meet, Wolves At The Gate is a full- time operation. Amidst shows, writing, promoting, etc it takes a lot to remain focused on the mission of the Gospel that we desire to present and exemplify through our music. It’s been awesome to grow together these past two years and see the band grow more and more while all of us are growing as men as well.

Do you consider being a musician a full- time career? Why or why not?
Not only is this something that we consider, but it really is a dream for all of. I would like to think that the majority of people really want to make a career out of what they love. I think part of what drives us too is that we all want to do something with our lives that is out of the ordinary and take a chance on pursuing something risky.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts about touring?
Our favorite parts of touring would have to be especially playing shows with friends, meeting new people, visiting places we’ve never been, and simply performing. We love it. Least favorite parts: loading in, loading out… enough said.

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
Well let me take you through the history of my occupational dreams. From the age of 1-5 I wanted to be a garbage man, then from 6-10 a G.I. Joe, then a professional soccer player in Europe, then I got real and decided I wanted to be an astronaut.

How would you describe Wolves At The Gate’s live show?
Live shows are great because they make or break a band. Since we first started we really wanted our lives shows to be more than just 5-6 songs and a chance to sell merch. As a kid growing up we all loved going to shows and there were all things that we all remembered by seeing our favorite bands play live that we wanted to be able to do for people who come to see us play. We want people to leave a show we play with an experience that they will remember. We also desire that when people leave our shows they know that we play music so that people can hear that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of humanity, rose from the grave conquering sin and death, so that we may have a relationship with God.

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