Gypsy Punk outfit guide

Since fall is arising (sadly slower than wished), I dig the layers, long bottoms, and darker colors. This fall I’m kind of leaning and pulling some of my own “feel” from my collection Imani Givertz Apparel ( which launches November 11th. Let’s create a Gypsy Punk outfit, shall we?

  • Keep it inexpensive with a band shirt from goodwill or what-have-you.
  • Get CREATIVE! Take those scissors and cut that $2 shirt up; make a run in the seem or cut the neck.
  • Pair it with a long skirt and some combat boots
  • Grab yourself a cardigan (preferably a larger one) and a wraparound/circle scarf.
  • Be sure to do something with your hair that doesn’t make your upper half look to congested; pull it up in a bun on or put it in a messy braid.
  • You can go all natural for the makeup or you could spice it up with a smokey eye. Some can’t handle the smoke, so go bare if you dare!
  • Top this look off with some cool bangles/cuffs (but don’t overdue it) and a great big boho or strappy bag.

And that my friends, is Gypsy Punk. Keep an eye out for the next Fall looks, coming to a computer screen and hopefully a closet near you! xxoo.

By Imani Givertz

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