Forever The Sickest Kids Deny Split Rumors


There has been a lot floating around on the internet regarding the rumor that Forever The Sickest Kids are calling it quits. Guitarist Caleb Turman recently sat down with Property of Zack and said the following:

POZ: What’s the status of Forever The Sickest Kids right now?
CT: Honestly, man, I’m going to be pretty forthcoming about this. I’m not entirely sure. I’m moving on. With that being said I love those guys. I might even do a tour with them someday in the future. But with that being said, for a while now I’ve been meaning to do my own music. I feel quite set free. I hope I’m not stepping on any toes. On a side note Fearless Records is amazing, I love those guys so much, I hope everyone has a lot of success in that realm.

This immediately sparked rumors that Forever The Sickest Kids were splitting up. However, they took to Twitter to denounce those rumors.

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