Foals deliver second half of double album with “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2”

The second part to the Foals’ Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost is finally here, with music that could not be more sting to the Foals and their incredible talent. With excitement on my fingertips and ears ready to listen, I jumped in.

Red Desert pulled me in right away with a beautiful, melodic organ. It Is haunting, looming over just enough to leave the listener grasping for more. Then, just about a minute into the song, guitar starts up and it’s a whole new atmosphere, illuminating and bouncy. Two sides of one stone, the intro song working perfectly as it flows right into the next song.

The Running begins with a bouncy guitar and a catchy beat. Every piece of the songs flows into one another, working to create a vibe that leaves your head bopping. With simple lyrics like “When I, when I fall down, fall down, Then I’ll know to keep on running” that really pick you up, it is easy to get lost in the song.

Wash Off begins with quick and beautiful guitar plucking that continues on the be the main line of the song. The vocals are soon to come in as the entire song is up beat and airy. A favourite lyrics of mine through listening is “Live amongst the orange roses, Pull vogue poses and wash it off.” Each lyric throughout the piece compliments the music that plays so well, really adding to the overall light atmosphere of the song.

Black Bull begins with a sort of eerie, wondering vibe. Then the guitar begins and the loud lyrics make and entrance. This song is an easy jumper as the drums pick you up and basically carry you through the song. The lyrics, like “Oh, we gon’ put on a show, With the black bull in tow,” are fairly simple yet they accent the melody perfectly. Any more complexity within the lyrics would have taken away from the song.

Like Lightning starts right away with lyrics and guitar. The drum is also very noticeable as its simple, repetitive chords and the same heavy beat right through. It’s a very nice vibe, slower than the last song and very heavy in a sense where you just want to bob your head and completely feel the song. The guitar, though seemingly simple, is a personal favourite in this song as it is so easy to pay attention to it in every aspect of the piece.

Dreaming Of begins like a fantasy. A slow start that flows and its almost like magic on air. Then the drums and guitar come in, giving off very evident alternative rock vibes. This is really attractive as the musical aspects within this song are rathe easy to fall into. “Empty rooms, dancing on your own, Broken flowers from a broken home,” stick out as very understandable lyrics within this song, which really help to give off the story that comes through within the music.

Ikaria begins with this absolutely gorgeous piano. It is entrancing and hopeful, bringing the vibe back yo the beginning of Dreaming Of. And that is all, a simple in between piece that is perfectly placed within the album, accenting each song already played.

10,000 Feet begins with the famous and incredible guitar. It’s only a few seconds in before the drums hit down and the two instruments absolutely carry the song. This low, late night vibe carries the lyrics, melding everything in together. Personally it is a favourite of mine on the album as the whole song emits the want to absolutely melt into the melody. The lyrics are also something that absolutely pull anyone in with words like “Cold black diamond shine again, Fall on the fire just to start again” echoing brilliantly across the piece.

Into the Surf pulls the feel of Dreaming of for the beginning, with the lyrics falling in with a low bop. Everything flows, a lot like the ocean, piano, guitar, and drums all floating along. The vocals are also as if they are just riding on top of the instruments. The title seems extremely fitting as it matches the whole flow of the song and lyrics like “If you come again, I’ll be sure to send the tide to come meet you”. It is an absolutely beautiful song to be placed as second last on the album.

Neptune is the final song on the album, resting at ten minutes and eighteen seconds long, it pulls the mystical musical aspects from Red Desert and Dreaming Of. Simple “ops” lead into wha the rest of the song will accompany. It’s a melody within a story, sort of dark but also very fitting with how the rest of the album played. The gorgeous tones lift up and the whole song seems to speed up and become more as each musical aspect is placed so carefully within each second. Ups and downs, with little touches such as a bird chirping, it is a truly beautiful way to end off yet another incredible album by the Foals.

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