EP Review: Molly Moore ‘Now You See Me’


Molly Moore began her musical career at the age of seven when she sat down with her father and wrote her first song “Anarchy Girl”. Since then, Moore has moved from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career and has been living a busy lifestyle as a songwriter, singer and co-producer. Moore describes her sound as pop music with a twist, darkening it with her raw and emotional lyricism and haunting melodies. Moore will release her sophomore EP Now You See Me on November 8th via Home Planet Records.

The EP opens with “Just A Dream”, which features guest vocals from her boyfriend and musical partner Brandyn Burnette. Their joined harmonies are reminiscent of a more haunting version of Oh Wonder, in the way that their voices collide and seamlessly create a beautiful tune. Throughout the EP, Moore takes influence from pop music predecessors like Lana del Rey and Halsey but also fuses it with R&B inspiration, much like Marian Hill. The EP features her single “Imaginary Friends”, a song about unfaithful friendships and feeling alone. When speaking about the EP, Moore explains that she “wrote this EP as an unfiltered look into my journey of self,” and that the lyricism within the EP was written as a stream of consciousness. The EP concludes with the title track which features a haunting intro before bouncing into her deep vocals that mirror the sounds of Banks.

For a sophomore EP, Moore shows listeners that she is mature and knowledgeable about who she is an artist and is well on her way to critically acclaimed fame. In Now You See Me listeners find Moore right in her element moving sonically into a more experimental production style. Having penned songs for some of the EDM greats including Felix Cartal and DubVision, Moore is finally breaking through and showing the world what she is made of. With powerful lyricism and haunting musicianship, Moore is on the fast track to success.

by Jess Williams

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