Duncan Fellows releases new EP ‘Eyelids Shut’

On Friday, Austin band Duncan Fellows released their new EP Eyelids Shut via Warner Brothers’ new distribution platform Level. The five-piece also announced a Fall co-headline tour with Sun Seeker.  The music of Duncan Fellows explores multiple vibes, feelings, tempos, and perspective, often in the same song. With the new EP Eyelids Shut, Duncan Fellows explores that dynamic balance while concurrently toeing a similar line in their own lives.  The band, who were recently spotlighted as an NPR Slingshot Artists To Watch have released two EPs, 2013’s Twelve Months Older and 2015’s Marrow.  The band’s debut full-length Both Sides of the Ceiling dropped in 2017 and put the band on the map. Their single “Fresh Squeezed” has racked up over a million Spotify streams and the entire album was championed by local radio.

Named for the address of a ramshackle house inhabited by several of the bandmates in their formative years, they’ve now—with everyone firmly in their mid-20’s—traded a life of piling into various bedrooms for piling into a tour van, creating a mobile Duncan Lane of sorts by staying true to that era’s sensibilities of shared adventure. Fronted by Colin Harman (vocals/guitar) and Cullen Trevino (guitar/vocals), the lineup is rounded out by Jack Malonis (keyboards/backup vocals/guitar), Tim Hagen (drums), and David Stimson (bass), with musical input coming from all corners.  Audiences fell in love with the Fellows’ passionate approach and charismatic energy, flocking to see them onstage in action with acts like Houndmouth, Middle Kids, The Drums, Whitney, and Wilderado , as well as at slots playing festivals like Austin City Limits and SXSW . But while the band embrace their reputation as a fun-loving band of buddies making feel-good indie jams, they also acknowledge that this perception only represents one side of their coin.  “We tend towards the deeper stuff you have to chew on longer,” Harman says. “Our tendency is to sing about the more difficult things we encounter in life, and as we’ve gotten older we’ve experienced heavy things that have added more serious layers to what we do. But at the same time our most popular song is largely about waking up and making breakfast. We definitely talk about straddling that line.”



And with the release of the new Eyelids Shut EP, the band is establishing that double-edged identity even further. The four songs here are doused in maturity, both thematically and sonically. “Loss” and “reflection” are the words the band points to when discussing what the songs are about, and how aging lends fresh perspective to such topics. “As you get older, your perspective on things like loss changes but you still live with everything that’s happened to you,” Trevino says.  “Be it the loss of a person, or even the loss of a version of a person,” Harman adds. “Death is definitely a part of it, but change and a part of someone being lost is something we are singing about as well.”  Malonis finishes the thought: “I also resonate with losing a version of yourself, how as you’re experiencing these losses you’re losing the more naive parts of yourself. A lot of it lines up with the theme of our first album: becoming an adult and growing wise to the ills and parts of the world that aren’t so pretty.”  Though the sonic spirit of Eyelids Shut varies from track-to-track, and even moment-to-moment, the songs’ common bonds propel the band to new heights.  “”Eyelids Shut” is us saying, “Hey, this is life now.  I still have to wake up and go into work on Monday whether I’m changed or not,” Trevino says. “Life goes on regardless of what has happened.”  Harman echoes, “That concept connected all the songs together; they’re about reflecting on loss, coming to terms with it, and changing perspective. When you get older, you realize it’s very chaotic being a human being, so this record is us trying to make sense of that.”


In all they do, Duncan Fellows strive to be honest in their music and as people, leaving positive experiences in their wake while expressing themselves and, yes, having a good time. Driven to evolve and grow as artists while never taking themselves too seriously, their sense of adventure and commitment to their craft is sure to serve their spirit well for the long, long haul.  You can follow Duncan Fellows and stay up-to-date on all upcoming music, news and tour dates via the following links.  Check out their upcoming tour dates below.


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