Dolly Spectra releases flirty, hyperpop single “Look Me In The Eye”

In the year 3000 AD, the world has come to a crossroads. Music and creative expression are the most powerful tools to relinquish yourself from the dreariness of the everyday world and launch into technicolor life force. This is where absurd mad scientist, techie, and heroine Dolly Spectra emerges from the post apocalyptic underground. She is here to help raise the vibration with her vibrant 31st century leaning pop music. With the far out messianic feel of Ziggy Stardust combined with the neo-futuristic soul of Los Angeles Burning Man culture, Dolly Spectra isn’t afraid to push beyond the constraints of the time space continuum. From the first listen, Dolly’s experimental and pop leaning electronic beats echo with creative ingenuity and sheer innovation. Colorful, vivid, and fun her weird and experiential pop delivers a larger than life, fully expressed listening experience. Replete with witty and catchy lyrics, her powerful and liberating music forges an artistic path of unique and spirited identity. Her originality is a synthesis of a wide variety of influences that merges elements of the popular mainstream with experimental sound design. The world needs music more than ever right now. She is here to unite the collective consciousness one track at a time.



She follows up her recent release “Whatcha Gonna Do” with “Look Me in the Eye,” a driving hyperpop single that playfully merges the sonic realms of old school Prince and Britney Spears with ultra synthetic artists such as Poppy and Charli XCX. Supported by vintage Prophet synth hooks, Dolly’s lyrical landscape evokes the feeling of playing tag on the beach with your crush, poking fun at them, and egging them on to step out of their comfort zone. It delivers that rush of jumping into the water head first and making a bold move. “Look Me In The Eye” will tickle your ears and have the butterflies in your stomach dancing along to Dolly’s dulcet vocals. About her latest single, Dolly says, “”Look Me In The Eye” is a song for all the shy folks out there, the wallflowers, and even those who may seem extroverted but play it safe to avoid the uncomfortable.”  You can connect with Dolly Spectra via the following links:


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