Chase Atlantic – Lauren Sanderson // 7.23.19 New York, NY

Chase Atlantic with Lauren Sanderson

Webster Hall

July 23rd, 2019

New York, NY

Review by Morgan Sheridan

Photos by Jess Williams

Last week, Indiana born, Los Angeles based rapper and singer Lauren Sanderson and Australia based alternative pop trio Chase Atlantic sold out New York City’s Webster Hall as part of the PHASES tour. 

The 22 year old “madly, wildly, independent as hell” recording artist, Lauren Sanderson kicked off the show on Tuesday at 9 pm with her hit “The Only One” from her 2018 EP Don’t Panic. The crowd surrounded the barricades and sang with passion and heart as Sanderson welcomed the audience to the show. Unlike any other artist out there, Sanderson has an energy that radiates into any room she is in. Even seeing her hurry across the VIP section to get to the stage before the show, Sanderson illuminated with a contagious smile and neon green. 

Also off her EP Don’t Panic, Sanderson played “Differently”, which is an anthem to her midwestern roots and her newfound home in Los Angeles. In this track, she promises herself, friends, family, and fans alike that the palm trees and Gucci isn’t going to change the midwest kid at heart that she is. As her six song opening act continued, she played older songs from 2015 such as “Oceans” and “Hotel Room” where you could hear every Sanderson fan in the audience singing along. Now, we are just awaiting that coveted debut album, which should be releasing this year! 

The minutes began to tick closer and closer to 10 PM, and Chase Atlantic fans begin to get antsy. The crowd swarmed towards the stage, slowly pushing the barricade in. The lights turned purple and the band slowly came on and a cacophony of sounds from the audience bombarded Webster Halls walls as they opened with their hit “ANGELS”. Following their opening number was “WHAT U CALL THAT”, a song from their 2019 EP DON’T TRY THIS.  Chase Atlantic fans are unlike any that I have seen. These fans are dedicated to throwing their bodies towards the band as they belt the lyrics “Everything is Louis V and Louis V her casket. And she’s so good at walking out because her dad did.” alongside them. This particular song is titled “HER”, coming off their newest record PHASES. As the evening went on, it seemed that the fans and the band didn’t tire out one bit. After a whopping 75 minutes of playing, chatting, and screaming together, the band ended with an encore and their song “Okay” from their 2017 debut album Chase Atlantic

The highlight of the evening, besides the killer tunes and blast I had with them, was the energy that these two were able to bring to Webster. I can only hope that the next time I see either, I am able to feel the same energy, or better yet, more more more. 


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