Brittaney Delsarté premieres music video for her single “Talk To Me”

Brittaney Delsarte Chatman, the one and only Millennial Renaissance Woman, uses her talent to spread a message of love and hope, saying that she believes she is a vessel, using her skills and gifts as a platform to enable: Youth Empowerment and Education, Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment, and Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment. She has released the music video for her latest single “Talk To Me,” and R&B song of female empowerment and self worth on the relationship front. The video starts with a monologue from Brittaney explaining how she no longer has time for the dating game, saying “the men in New York are just as bad as the men in the South.” While she wants a relationship, it will be on her terms and not for the man. She offers a relationship proposal while singing the chorus, “Talk to me, baby/What do you have to offer for my love.” “Talk To Me” is a proclamation of self-love to those who don’t see it in themselves, who are often in relationships that are almost always one sided. “Talk To Me” tells the viewer to stay true to your values and core beliefs, because you cannot give up every part of yourself for a person. The song has a strong Mary J. Blige meets Beyonce sound. Brittaney’s vocals and catchy melody are sure to get stuck in your head.


“I’ve been single for about four years. After being in long-term relationships I find dating to be dreadful, because  I have yet to find an evolved person that desires a long-term, romantic, committed relationships. I don’t want short term and non-exclusive entanglements. I told myself next person that I give my time to will reciprocate the same time and energy I put out. I have vowed not to rob myself from unconditional love. I require a lot because I give a lot, so when it comes to finding my future husband I am not dating to “see where it goes.” I want to know exactly where you plan on taking me; on taking us. If I can articulate what I have to offer, you have to articulate what you can offer.”



Brittaney comes from a musical and artistic clan with world-renowned artist, Larry Lebby being her grandfather and Grammy-award winning artist, Toni Braxton, as her cousin. Starting at age four, she has trained as a classical, gospel, and jazz vocalist. She danced ballet, and jazz with the Columbia Conservatory of Dance, professional ballroom with Capital Ballroom and West African dance at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. In May 2018, she received her MFA from the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School. She has worked under the acting supervision of Susan Aston and the late Elizabeth Kemp. She has also been mentored by Dr. Bill Coco, David Bellantoni, David Elliot; vocal teachers, Craig Bacon, Corina May, and musical vocal coach Jonathan Estabrooks. She has studied with Classics instructor Chris Clavelli and has taken movement classes with Michael Billingsley and David Frank. Brittaney is trained in Method Acting, the Stanislavski System, the Alexander technique, Shakespeare Scansion, and the Linklater Method. You can connect with Brittaney Delsarté via the following links:



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