Boy In Space releases a remix version of “7UP” with Tiger Tom

Stripping back his lush melodies and atmospheric attention to details, pop artist Robin Lundbäck aka Boy In Space has released a remix version of “7UP” with Tiger Tom.  This release follows Lundbäck’s previous acoustic rendition of “7UP”.  Accompanied by the gentleness of an acoustic guitar, stirring vocals illustrates the ideas of being in a state of in-between, the fiery passion of young love, the sting of sorrow and suffocation of betrayal. The transparent lyrics and swirling melody have “7UP” listeners captivated.



This concoction of emotions and feelings that compete for Lundbäck’s attention culminate in a concept he calls “Space.” The moniker “Boy In Space” itself is a metaphor for how he navigates and untangles these feelings. “My mind is a rollercoaster,” he admits. “Sometimes I wish I could be normal. Most of the time I’m grateful I’m not. Although my songs can be sad, I’m actually pretty happy (most of the time).”   You Can follow Boy In Space and stay up-to-date with all upcoming music, artist and tour news via the following links:

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