BOY HARSHER // CHICAGO, IL // 10.09.19

Metro Chicago
Chicago, IL

            Last week, Boy Harsher passed through Metro Chicago, igniting a dark, erotic party of rhythm, touch, and movement. The duo onstage, singer Jae Matthews and synth player Gus Muller had met one another while attending film school in Georgia, and it’s no shock that Boy Harsher was a highly technical and expressive project that was collaboratively embarked upon. As their booming, bassy electronic pieces filled the room, the audience seemed to fade into a trance of sorts. The room filled with desire as Matthews and Muller controlled the room with their ghostly vocals and rich synthesizer composition – The songs felt magical and haunted all in the same verse. Boy Harsher amazingly released not one, but two full length record this year, and performed songs from all across their catalog, finally making October feel as spooky as it should feel.


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