Bad Suns – From Indian Lakes // 3.16.17 Baton Rouge, LA

Bad Suns

From Indian Lakes


The Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge, LA

“We played Spanish Moon about 3 years ago and there were like 10 people in the audience,” Christo Bowman gushed to the packed venue last Thursday March 16 in Baton Rouge. If you’ve kept up with anything near the Indie Rock genre in the past few years, you’ve most likely at least heard of Bad Suns. The fact that lead singer Christo Bowman was humbled to play in the same venue three years later with people lining the space wall to wall shows the authenticity of the band’s true growth and gratitude. However, proven by the attendance of their massive fan base, it seemed like a no-brainer for seemingly everyone in the city to catch Bad Suns at the hip local Baton Rouge venue Spanish Moon.

Fellow Indie Rockers From Indian Lakes opened the night with ambient electro-pop sounds fused with an underlying alternative rock sound. Being the only other band on the bill of the night was a plus for FIL, as they got to play a solid eight songs starting with the driving, atmospheric rhythms of “Sunshine” and ending with their popular “Happy Machines.”

Getting the crowd warmed up for Bad Suns was not difficult to do, as the vibe in the room was radiating with sheer anticipation. The guys walked onto stage with a very visible, cohesive brand presence, which could be described as Greasers with a contemporary/glam edge. Everything about their appearance, stage presence, and set production was well thought out to reflect the playful, retro nature of their music. The band began their set with the rollicking beat of “Disappear Here” which set off a sea of bobbing heads. The audience continued to dance and sway throughout the night, with an occasional swoon as Christo reached into the first few rows of the crowd to grab hands with fans. At one point, Christo even jumped into the crowd and hopped onto the nearby bar, swinging around the column support and singing to the squealing fans below.

Bad Suns performed every song full out and with the utmost playfulness and effort. The entertainment factor of seeing this band live is definitely worth the time, along with their general musical talent and catchy songs. You can catch them on the Heartbreaker Tour in the United States through the end of June- and you definitely should.

Words and Photography by Jordan Hefler

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