Album Review: Vow’s ‘Make Me Yours’ EP


There’s just something about the soothing vibe paired with an electronic beat that makes Vow’s new EP Make Me Yours so damn catchy. The duo, hailing from Los Angeles, will be releasing their Make Me Yours EP via The Native Sound on August 12th, 2014.

To say that Make Me Yours is enjoyable might be an understatement. The duo’s use of instrumentation to create a softly mysterious melody is great, and vocalist Julia Blake’s voice fits the style of music absolutely perfectly. The album starts off with the track “Miles Away” which instantly draws the listener in with the interesting, spaceship-discovering-like intro. Throughout the EP, their use of different effects on Blake’s voice along with instrumentalist Andrew Thomas’s use of synth makes them incomparable to any other bands or artists out there. The track “Charm” is a dark, dangerous track which keeps drawing the listener in to absolutely love Vow with each passing second.

Make Me Yours is an insanely enjoyable EP and an incredible debut from Vow. It truly shows how much talent they have and shows how bright the future will be for the duo. Every single song on the EP is unique and awesome to listen to in their own way. It is the chill after-dark album everyone needs to hear.

Make Me Yours is available for pre-order/purchase on iTunes.

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