Album Review: The Dirty Nil “Master Volume”

The Dirty Nil just released their newest record Master Volume and it’s a punk banger! With old school rock riffs and wailing, passionate vocals, The Dirty Nil deliver a classic sound with a modern twist on this album.

Right off the bat, this album packs a nostalgic punk vibe (if you couldn’t already tell from the killer album cover artwork!) The Canadian band opens Master Volume by paying homage to the familiar sounds of rock and roll’s grittiest characteristics in “That’s What Heaven Feels Like.” Distortion, loudness, and raging vocals set the scene for what the rest of the album will carry, like the driving guitar riffs in “Pain of Infinity” and  “Smoking is Magic.” Almost every track gives off a rambunctious energy, besides “Evil Side” which helps to soften the punches of the last track “Hit the Lights”- a true album closer that ties up the whole sound of the album in one neat yet aggressive bow.

In my opinion, the band exemplifies a vast blend of influences like that of classic bands Social Distortion, and Anti-Flag mixed with modern bands like Microwave, Against Me, and White Reaper. There’s even a little bit of a Southern flair at moments with lively, circle-pit friendly riffs.

There’s no question that this is a true punk album with a true rebellious message- both heard in the lyrics and the overall energy of the sound (the chorus of “Auf Wiedersehen” will clear that up for you if you didn’t get the message!)

Master Volume comes in hot with a dynamic and tireless approach, and will keep you thrashing at full capacity throughout the whole experience. It’s definitely not an album you’ll want to sit down for!

Words by Jordan Hefler


  1. That’s What Heaven Feels Like
  2. Bathed In Light
  3. Pain Of Infinity
  4. Please, Please Me
  5. Auf Wiedersehen
  6. Always High
  7. Smoking Is Magic
  8. Super 8
  9. I Don’t Want That Phone Call
  10. Evil Side

Promo photo by Vanessa Heins

See the official video for the single “Bathed in Light” from Master Volume below!

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