The Lost Messiahs premiere new music video for “Radiance of Moon”

The Lost Messiahs have been steadily establishing their reputation in the music industry, and their most recent offering, “Radiance of Moon,” serves as evidence of their ongoing evolution as a collective. This captivating and evocative composition, accompanied by an enthralling music video, possesses a haunting beauty that resonates deeply, drawing the listener into a realm of self-reflection and intense feelings. The track begins with a gentle guitar, its delicate notes beckoning you into its embrace. Its slow, contemplative melody immediately seizes your attention, drawing you deep into its world. Frontman James O’Connor’s vocals enter the mix, commanding the spotlight with their power and emotion. His delivery of the lyrics exudes raw honesty and vulnerability, forging a connection that is both captivating and relatable. The accompanying vocals of bandmate Martha Cummins swirl around like a gust of strong wind, as prominent hand claps find their way into the release. Ollie Plunkett of The Lost Messiahs shared some insight on the release:

“Radiance of Moon” was like a little drop of magic dropped  onto my guitar. From the moment I  started playing the guitar riff I got the vibe immediately and the lyrics and the sentiment just flowed like a natural spring. The song is a love song and is written from the perspective of gratitude for finding one’s soulmate in life. I could visualize myself in a beautiful garden with the most beautiful person in my life  in front of me. and the moon’s rays outlining her beauty. For the video I wanted to capture in some way that scene but didn’t want to represent it too literally. So the video is a bit more abstract but I think it still captures the feeling . The transitions between each frame  is deliberately slow to allow the lyrical content to gradually reveal itself.”

As the song unfolds, the instrumentation gradually intensifies. Drums, bass, and layered guitar work seamlessly join in, infusing the track with a growing urgency and tension. The accompanying video intrigues with stunning visually imagery with the lone, captivating character, making their way throughout the world. The intricate video seamlessly aligns with the song, as if it was tailor-made for it. Its imagery evokes a nostalgic ambiance, while incorporating visual metaphors and symbolic elements that enrich the overall experience, adding layers of depth. The chorus rises with exceptional strength, its unforgettable hook etching itself in your mind long after the song fades. The interplay of haunting vocals and intricate guitar work weaves an ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere, evoking a sense of mysticism and wonder that truly captivates the senses.



The band released their third studio album, Connected to the Real, in March of this year. “Brownsfield” was produced in Golden Egg Studios by Ollie Plunkett, mixed by multi-award winning producer Chris O’Brien, and mastered by Greb Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York. The song has been going down really well at their live shows and was the highlight of their packed gig in the Mindfield Arena at Electric Picnic in 2022. The video is a surreal journey through a dreamlike landscape, with vivid imagery and stunning cinematography. Each scene is beautifully shot and meticulously crafted, with stunning visual effects and a dreamlike quality that perfectly complements the ethereal quality of the music. The Lost Messiahs have always had a mystical spiritual connection in their music, which is evident in their previous albums Soulstar and Deconstruction of the Mind. The production is rich and immersive, laden with dreamy vocals and atmospheric guitars. Bands like Mercury Rev, Spiritualised, The National, and War on Drugs have always inspired them with their similar rich atmospheric landscapes which shines through in their music. The Lost Messiahs are made up of experienced musicians who all have a rich musical pedigree in their own right. The band members share a passion for playing original music and all share an ambition to get their music out to a wider audience. You can connect with the band via the following links. Bio taken from press release.

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