Album Review: The Color Morale ‘Know Hope’


The Color Morale is a that pushes out new material while putting their fullest efforts into the music. Their latest offering entitled Know Hope has been referred to more as a ‘movement’ opposed to simply an album, according to vocalist Garret Rapp.

As soon as the album begins with the track “Burn Victims” it’s clear that these guys are masters of their sound and they know what they want to sound like. The vocals are top notch on here, whether it be the clean ones or the unclean – it’s brilliant. On “Learned Behaviour”  the passion of the lyrics are evidently heard through the vocals and the melody is great. With “Strange Comfort” it’s clear The Color Morale are among the new breed of bands who want to put genuine meaning and hope to their lyrics. When “Silver Lining” kicks in you know you’re in for a shredder of a tune. The guitars and drums stand out on this track in particular to me as well as the unclean vocals. This is definitely one of the finer songs on the album. Finishing off the twelve track disc is a song entitled “Never Enders.” The title sure is applicable to this album because once you finish it, I doubt it’ll be your last listen.

The vocals on this album have made a huge improvement overall. These songs are incredibly well put together and the quality is great. Even though they haven’t done anything revolutionary with the new music, it still stands apart from most bands. The Color Morale have got a purpose with this album and a whole lot of faith to come with it.

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