Album Review: pronoun ‘There’s no one new around you’


In her debut EP, There’s no one new around you, Alyse Vellturo, better known as pronoun, has unleashed some of the most raw and emotional songs. “It’s a heartbroken girl in her shitty apartment in Brooklyn,” she says of the EP, which she recorded alone in the corner of her bedroom. The four-song EP is emotional on a personal level and provides listeners with a new sound by using layered guitar and lo-fi beats with raw, personal lyricism. While creating a sound that is distinctly pronoun, one can’t help but hear hints of inspiration from Silversun Pickups, The 1975 and Now, Now.

There’s no one new around you opens with “a million other things”, a tune about the struggles involved with loving someone while they’re falling apart. If there’s one thing that pronoun does perfectly, it’s making a sad song happy again. Through the melody and beats found within the EP, pronoun takes her emotional lyrics and masks the sadness.

Another favorite on the EP is “just cuz you can’t”. The song begins with a slow intro before plunging into a groovy dance beat that seems fitting to blast through the speakers of your car on a summer afternoon, hair blowing in the wind. pronoun’s unique voice blends seamlessly with the melodies and creates an impeccable soundtrack that anyone could get down with.

For a debut, pronoun has shown the industry what she is about and that she is here to stay with There’s no one new around you. Throughout the EP, the strands of inspiration from powerhouse indie rock/pop bands is fused together. It is exciting to think about what lies ahead in the future for pronoun. However, we all know that it will be big things!

Review by Jess Williams

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