Album Review: Partycat ‘Nine Lives’


Introducing Canadian metalcore band, Partycat, and their debut full length 9 Lives. Filled with rapid riffing, grungy grooves and ear-catching vocals, Partycat is proof that anyone can indulge in southerncore. 9 lives is a roller coaster album that never stops. The first track “Mistress” lets the album listener know that Partycat is here for one thing, the parties. The pounding drums and catchy grooves can be sure to infiltrate your mind for the next few days. With unharmonious grooves and playful writing that keeps the album flowing so much so that it keeps the listener interested. Half-sung and half screamed vocals this album is sure to interest fans of Every Time I Die or Memphis May Fire. Parycat found the best of southerncore and brought it straight up north.

by Juliette Chagnon

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