Album Review: Giants ‘Break The Cycle’


Essex punk band Giants are set to release their debut album, Break The Cycle, on April 1st via Holy Roar Records, and it’s about as heavy and angsty as you would imagine. From the first five seconds into the album, you know what you’re getting yourself into with this band. The first track, “Underachievers,” is a heavy headbanger with sharp guitar riffs and frantic drums.

“Our Own Enemy” features a little more singing and a little less yelling, but either way, it sounds great. This track is anthem-y in its call to “wake up and take a stand,” and asks, “can we come to our senses? Something’s got to be done.” The next song, “Against The Grain,” also gets real with the question, “why do you try so hard to be like everyone else?”

The body of the album progresses in a similar fashion, thick with guitars, drums, and loud choruses. Cool breakdowns in the bridges and lots of bitter yelling about varying personal and societal issues are not uncommon throughout the eleven-track record.

The record comes to a close with the single, “I’ve Been Low,” which the band also recently released a video for. As well as being one of the band’s favorites, this song is one that’s awesome live, and the music video showcases that.

As a whole, the album has a strong sense of purpose and direction. It’s clear that this is a band that has things to say, and they have no problem getting their message across – loudly.


Break The Cycle is out April 1st and is available for pre-order here.

Giants will be touring with Capsize and Landscapes later this year – the tour dates can be found here.

Make sure to check out our feature with Giants guitarist Jack Longman about how skateboarding sparked his interest in music here.

Our full interview with Giants will be in our upcoming digital issue, out next month!

Review by Kelsey Baucom

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