Album Review: Four Year Strong ‘Go Down In History’


Many would say the boys in Four Year Strong have been the “forefathers” of the pop punk scene for the past thirteen years, inspiring bands like A Day to Remember, Set Your Goals, and The Wonder Years. Long time fans of FYS are more than excited to hear the newest material from the four Massachusetts natives since their 2011 full-length, In Some Way, Shape or Form. The EP, Go Down In History reminds fans exactly why they patiently waited close to three years for a handful of new material. From the catchy chorus in “What’s in the Box?” to the sing-along “ohhh’s” in the EP’s title track, it’s evident that FYS is back and better than ever. The five-track EP, released through Pure Noise Records, gives fans a quick snippet of what is to come for future full-length releases. Although, with definite undertones of the boy’s earlier records, the EP still gives fans, both old and new, a breath of fresh air. Bringing fans back to their “Enemy of the World” days, Four Year Strong has created an EP stocked to the brim with their tried and true breakdowns, while showing the industry that they aren’t going anywhere.

by Jenna Young

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