Album Review: Doll Skin “Love is Dead and We Killed Her”


Doll Skin released their album Love is Dead and We Killed Her, this is their first release since joining the Hopeless Records roster. Based on the 3 songs the band released prior to the full album release; “Mark My Words”, “Empty House”, “Outta My Mind” it was clear to listeners that this record will not hold back. Doll Skin’s sound can be described as aggressive riffs and catchy-choruses. It is a sound they have perfected over the course of their releases. Love is Dead and We Killed Her, is no exception. 

This record takes on topics revolving around the band’s personal life and social issues. “Your Idols Are Dying” takes a look at drug abuse within the music industry, and “Empty House” discusses finding your worth. Songs like “Mark My Words” and “Nasty Man” look at abuse. “Mark My Words” taking the approach of gaining your power back after being abused, while “Nasty Man” calls out celebrities that abuse their power.

Love is Dead and We Killed Her is an album that isn’t afraid to look at the world around it and expresses its feelings about it.

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