Album Review: Bad Seed Rising ‘Awake In Color’


Bad Seed Rising is an up and coming pop-rock quartet from Maryland that has been making strides for a while. Signed to Roadrunner Records, the band is one of the youngest in their genre to be signed recently. Their new full-length, Awake In Color, shows that Bad Seed Rising has the potential to become a break-out band among fans of bands across a spectrum from Paramore, to PVRIS, and even The Word Alive. The band meshes a very pop sound with riffs and melodies that clearly belong in a metalcore song, and they rock it. Seldom can musicians find a tasteful blend of genres that will appeal to a range of fans, but Bad Seed Rising manages to do just that.

Front-woman Francheska Pastor has an incredible voice that holds clean, crisp notes in a stunning range. Pastor’s lyrics and ability to hold notes parallel the abilities of Tonight Alive vocalist Jenna MacDougall. They contain tons of emotion without feeling pushy. However, do not let Pastor’s clean vocals fool you. Her uncleans are wild. In the song “Dexies,” her growling screams parallel Kellin Quinn on early Sleeping With Sirens songs. Needless to say, she’s got loads of talent.

Drummer Aiden Marceron does a phenomenal job keeping the framework of each song strong and mapped out. His drumwork is not overbearing, but is firm and cemented in every song. Whether very noticeable beats like in “Sleeping in Cars” or subtle, such as in “Fighting Gravity,” Marceron knows his craft well.

Guitarist Mason Gainer and bassist Louey Peraza both also do a fantastic job creating a unique, interesting sound on every track. For example, the riffs and rhythms on “I Believe (It’s Killing Me)” feel very light and spacey, and immediately following that, “Spacey” feels more dark and intense. The song “Obvious” begins with some brutal riffs that feel reminiscent of metalcore bands Of Mice & Men and We Came As Romans. Overall, Gainer and Peraza are both very flexible in their sounds and structures, and together, the pair work beautifully.

Bad Seed Rising is clearly on the rise. Awake In Color is intriguing and unique from beginning to end, and listeners will love it. It bends genres in ways most albums don’t, and is bound to be a hit.

Review by Nina Tadic

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