What Sparked Your Interest: Stephen MacConville of Confessions of a Traitor

confessions of a traitor

English metalcore band Confessions of a Traitor just released their brand new EP, Illuminate, today and vocalist Stephen MacConville shared with us in our exclusive interview with the band the two bands that helped influence his decision to pursue a career in music.

“For me personally, [it was] being a fan of heavy music and the community involved with it. It has all been bred from a niche and generally segregated community, so it is strong and so passionate and I love it and have always wanted a deeper connection with it. The thing that made me want to join and start a band were two live DVDs of Parkway Drive. The documentary Home is for the Heartless blended the craziness of playing crazy shows while touring the world seeing all of the fruits it has to offer. The other is This is Who We Are by As I Lay Dying. They show as well as PWD, a relentless and ruthless love for touring and being in a band. Their determination, love and the community aspect is what I feel sparked my interest in following this career.”


Illuminate is available now!

Read our full interview with the band here.

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Interview by Rachael Dowd

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