Warped Tour Fashion Survival Guide

As we all know, Summer is approaching rapidly and you know what comes along with Summer? Warped Tour!

I’ve put a little list of things together to help out those who may be a little off on what to bring. I know, I know, money is tight everywhere and purchasing a ticket is pretty much a big chunk of change, so I’m going to keep this affordable and fun.

Clothing for the Summer events should be tasteful and comfortable. We don’t want anyone dying of a heat stroke from the UV RAYS now, do we?

I’ve put together a few little outfit choices that are affordable and comfortable for this year’s WT.

Think comfy and fun with these select Dresses from Forever21. Dresses are fun when you’re standing side stage and when you have sweating in your shorts. Don’t worry ladies, we all do it and we all feel gross with a camel toe and trying to hide in front of a friend to pick out an uncomfortable wedgie… It sucks but we’ve all been there and we’ve all done it.

Tiki Print Dress
$16.90 at Forever21 (online and select stores) 

Knit & Woven Dress
$22.80 (online and select stores)
Comes in Blue and Brown

Now, even though skintight shorts and denim wear feel like death at Warped Tour (at least for me), Rompers and Onesies can always be a great help!

I’m not a HUGE fan of the strapless look at shows only because we wouldn’t want a little wardrobe multifunction to go down while in the pit for our favorite band now, would we? We want to keep those boobies in their rightful place; IN OUR SHIRTS.

Keep it safe with straps and fun patterns such as these little numbers from Forever21 and Target:

Striped Romper from FOREVER21 (Select stores and Online)
Comes in Blue and Red

$19.99 at Target

Ditsy Spaghetti Strap Romper

Ditsy Spaghetti Strap Romper

Now, for my favorite little number(s) that I probably will be wearing this year; JUMPSUITS!! 

Speckled Jumpsuit from FOREVER21

You cannot go wrong with a jumpsuit or romper. Try to get a size a little bigger to keep it light a flowing.

As for accessories, keep them to a minimum! Dainty rings and comfortable hats are great. LESS IS MORE, ladies, LESS IS MORE!

If you know me, I am in love with hats. I think they bring out something in every outfit. Check out the ones I have picked from FOREVER21 for this years Warped Tour:

Basketweave Floppy Hat

Grosgrain Trim Basketweave Hat from FOREVER21

Was: $12.90
Now: $6.00

If you can pull them off, Fedoras look sharp on a hot summer’s day.

As for shoes, straps are great, but if you’re date is a little rainy and a bit muddy, boots and closed in shoes are were it’s at! Check out these styles from Urban Outfitter’s Sale Rack:

Ecote Foldover Lace-Up Boot from U.O for $19.99

Cooperative Lasercut Oxford $29.99

Keep it light and airy this summer, ladies. Comfy, comfy, comfy! Enjoy Warped Tour in something classy and comfortable!




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