Tiny Hueman premiere new song “Up The Coast”

The City of Brotherly Love has given us countless, captivating bands started anywhere from a dull classroom or family gathering to a twinkle-lit basement show.  Tiny Hueman is one of those coming-of-age organically formed bands which started as a 2 man alt-rock project in 2016 simply writing songs as a light-hearted passion.  Soon after, the band decided to invest more into their art and record an EP at Headroom Studios where artists such as Foxing, Hop Along, and Remo Drive had also gone to bring their visions to fruition.  The EP “Shallow” acted as quite the catalyst as the group started playing more live shows which helped solidify the (now) official members: Richie Hollahan (vocals), Dustin Miller (rhythm guitar), Kevin Miller (drums), Vinny Vaccaro (lead guitar/keys), and Richie Taver (bass).  With new perspectives and an eagerness to get creative, Tiny Hueman headed back to Headroom for their second EP “Drift” released in November of 2017.  Not even the northeast winter could stop the group from hopping in the van to bring their music to different cities on weekend runs.  Their song “Drift” was featured on VICELAND’s King of The Road skateboarding series, they’ve been played on iHeartRadio by Wendy Rollins, gotten love from their iconic hometown station of Philly’s 104.5 FM and been added to several industry playlists including Spotify’s Discover Weekly.  Today sees the premiere of the band’s new song “Up The Coast”.  “Up the coast was written after our singer lost a family member to the opioid epidemic.  Lyrically, it’s a reflection on the way this individual lived- either spiraling out of control or using religion as a crutch to try and pull themselves out of it, all while never getting to the root of the issue.  We chose to go with an upbeat feel and tempo as a way of showing the nonstop party a lot of addicts find themselves in, despite the very dangerous and real consequences just around the corner”.  You can listen to the song below.

At the beginning of the year Tiny Hueman headed to a quiet cabin in the woods, an ideal spot to fill with sound and focus on writing.  Now prepared with demos and ideas the group is ready to record at loved The Barber Shop Studios.  Producer Gary Cioni will join the team, bringing his immersive approach and dynamic experience in many aspects of the music industry.  Tiny Hueman’s live shows and music offer the permission to take a breath with the hope you walk away happier. This ambitious group are truly on the journey to reach their full potential as artists and they want you to come along for the ride.  You can follow Tiny Human and stay up-to-date on all upcoming music, band and tour news, as well as stream and purchase their music via the following links.  You can check out their tour dates below.  Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel.

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Sept 18 @ The Barbary, Philadelphia

Oct 3 @ The Fire, Philadelphia

Feb 23, 2020 @ TBD, Nashville, TN

Feb 24. 2020 @ TBD, Ashville, NC

Feb 25, 2020 @ TBD Charlotte, SC

Feb 26, 2020 @ TBD Richmond, VA

Feb 27, 2020 @ TBD Washington, DC

Feb 28, 2020 @ TBD Lancaster, PA

Feb 29, 2020 @ TBD Philadelphia

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