The Maine Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary for Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


The Maine’s debut album, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, was released five years ago today. Read a message from the band below.

“Greetings friends! Here we are! It’s been half a decade now since we released our debut LP, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Sometimes it feels like even longer than that to me. We’ve seen a lot, and our entire way of thinking has changed so much over the years, but nothing we have accomplished would have been possible without CSWS. Thinking back, it’s hard to remember just exactly who we were back then. Everything was so new to us, and we were sponges just trying to soak it in. We so desperately wanted to make music and go on tour. CSWS opened the door for us to do those things, and we’ve been doing them ever since.

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone who has been there since the beginning. Thank you for taking the time to pay attention to our [then] little band. Because of you, we have now released 4 full length albums and toured around the world. We owe it all to those silly white V-necks and vests. Here’s to five years of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop! (And also to never ever wearing matching outfits again.)

-Jared & The Maine”


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