The Grahams release video for “Bite My Tongue” from upcoming album

With a cinematic farfisa-driven groove, Sons of Anarchy attitude, and raucous fuzzy indie rock vocals, rock group The Grahams have released their brand new video for “Bite My Tongue,” the second single off their upcoming record KIDS LIKE US (set for release in early 2020 via 3 Sirens Music Group/RED MUSIC/The Orchard).  The video opens with Alyssa and Doug Graham getting run out of town by their hellacious doppelgangers of a comically badass nature.  These rebel Grahams storm the streets of the city, throwing pizza at random citizens, stealing guitars from children, pushing over yoga-practicing hipsters while delivering their spine-tingling brand of renegade rock.  “Bite My Tongue” pushed Alyssa out of her comfort zone, channeling her inner Bowie while using an overdriven mic and additional contact mics taped to her throat to attain that gnarly, ruthless tone.  The song was inspired not by anarchy but instead by, “a fringe of towns between the desert and LA that are like unstable elements, caught between two different states of being,” explains Doug.  “Their residents seem to have that same restless instability.  It’s not a great place to break down on a motorcycle, but we did,” adds Alyssa.  “”Bite My Tongue” was inspired by our strange and  disturbing encounter in the Mojave.  One could call it our ‘Rock and Roll Revenge’ song.”



Co-produced by Dan Molad (Lucius, Elizabeth & the Catapult, The Wild Reeds) and the late and celebrated Richard Swift (former member of The Shins and The Arcs who worked with Damien Jurado, Nathaniel Rateliff, Guster, and many more), the new album finds The Grahams exploring 50’s mod influenced garage-rock energy, 60’s and 70’s style groovy guitars and an explosive Morricone-esque cinematic intrigue to great effect.  “We started in Chicago with the blues and Motown,” Doug says, “and we ended in L.A. listening to the Beach Boys.  And all of it found its way into the record.”  The other thing that found its way into the record, inevitably, was the surreal election of 2016 – and Kids Like Us evokes the modern American condition in remarkably empathetic ways.  “We’ve definitely written a very political record,” Doug says. “These aren’t protest songs, but some of them are certainly a reaction to the big pile of shit America has stepped in, and our personal fear for the future.”  The resulting album embraces the American songbook and finds the band swathed in a musical time warp when Brian Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, The Ronettes and Diana Ross & The Supremes ruled the airwaves.  With all of this wrapped up in the neon energy of a David Lynchian sheen, Kids Like Us proves to be a massive, lush, ambitious, and profoundly satisfying piece of art.  You can follow The Grahams and stay up-to-date with all upcoming band, album and tour news via the following links:


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