Imani Coppola discusses her new album, forging her own path as an artist and what’s next

New York-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Imani Coppola cultivated a love of music at an early age, with a jazz musician father, bass playing mother and siblings who were also musicians.  She learned the violin at the age of six and studied studio composition briefly at State University of New York Continue Reading

Imani Coppola releases latest track and video for “Lying To My Therapist”

Fueled with fiery punk ethos and uninhibited by mainstream social standards, Imani Coppola’s newest track, the frenzied and raucous, “Lying To My Therapist”, ushers viewers through the darkest regions of her mind for a video evoking a cultlike exorcism of her psychological demons with a Charleston-inspired soundtrack, mixed with a clash-esque Continue Reading