Imani Coppola releases latest track and video for “Lying To My Therapist”

Fueled with fiery punk ethos and uninhibited by mainstream social standards, Imani Coppola’s newest track, the frenzied and raucous, “Lying To My Therapist”, ushers viewers through the darkest regions of her mind for a video evoking a cultlike exorcism of her psychological demons with a Charleston-inspired soundtrack, mixed with a clash-esque chorus, 50’s mod vocals, and an LES punk spirit. In the track she divulges self-destruction habits like not taking her meds and isolating herself from the outside world, where feared if she told to her therapist she’d likely be committed. “I began to withhold information to spare myself the scrutiny of analysis and in some cases the shame of repeating the same mistakes over and over and having to report to her about it every week,” explains Coppola. The track comes to a harrowing climax when she basically reads her own eulogy, “Here lies the body of a female in her 40’s / A New York City refugee deceased in North Woodholly / Survived by 5 cigarettes / In a pack of American spirits / Left her fortune to her cat and the duck.”


The video on the other hand is centered in ominous room lit only by candles from a ritualistic séance. “I just knew I’d play a possessed person,” explains Coppola. “So I watched The Exorcist a bunch and practiced flopping around in my bed for about a week beforehand, got a posse of friends to come through and participate. Ordered a few pizzas, got a few bottles of wine, choreographed a few basic things and got it done in 3 hours. Being possessed really takes a toll on your body but I remember feeling as if some inner demon was exorcised after that shoot.”  You can follow Imani Coppola and stay up-to-date with all upcoming news and tour dates via the following links:

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