SINGLE PREMIERE: Penalty Boxing’s “Good Night” brings a peaceful end to a chaotic year

What a year.


We all dealt with what seemed to be way too much occurring in these past twelve months. From the riots and political change in January to the Delta and Omicron variants over the back half of the year, there was plenty to be worried, nervous, and anxious about.


In the wake of it all, a majority of it will be carrying over into 2022. At least there seems to be some semblance of positivity moving forward.


The reason I talk about the exhaustiveness of 2021 is to highlight that despite the struggle we have had as a collective, some amazing music has helped us through the harrow.


Never before has the Internet and social media been so prevalent in the promotion of new and upcoming artists. From the rise of fifth-wave emo’s popularity (and definition to differentiate the eras of the Midwest’s chronological progression) to the TikTok propulsion of artists across the globe, the music industry has strayed from the live portion of consumption (as expected during a global pandemic) and into the hands of the consumer via our phones, tablets, and computers.


I discovered a lot of music over the course of the year, but one song that was brought forth to me prior to the year’s end was “Good Night” by Penalty Boxing.


A project based out of Chicago, Illinois, Penalty Boxing’s new single employs country and folk influence to create what is self-described as a “drinking song”. The guitar is catchy as almighty, and with lyrics like “I’m an optimist, I’ll take my half full glass / And I’ll dump it in your face before I beat your ass”, the tune makes me think that 2022 is going to be chaotic no matter what I try to do, but 2021 can end on a peaceful note, with a six-string softly strumming and a croon telling the listener that everything will be okay.


Listen to Penalty Boxing here:

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