Santa Cruz singer Varro Vivyds premieres her new single “Birthday”

Varro Vivyds is a breath of fresh air once again with her sultry and seductive new song “Birthday”, and the vibrant track sets the tone once again for what Varro brings to the table. With a harmonious flow and a tonality that can’t be beat, Varro brings a fun and bouncy vibe to center stage. The track is filled with dreamy, often hazy instrumentation over Varro’s enchanting set of vocals. She is not only a personable singer, but a relatable songwriter.  She is known for being genre-defying as she mixes pop, R&B, neo-soul, indie and electronic sounds. She isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what music can be and strives to create, which has never been more clear than in her new single “Birthday.”

“I’ve always grown up hating my birthday and it has followed me into my late 20s.  I know I’m young, but I still feel like I wish I was in my mid 20s and could stay there for a while.  Also this song is an ode to all the fake friends and acquaintances who honestly wouldn’t know it was your birthday if it wasn’t for Facebook or Instagram.  This song is fresh and relatable and although some of the lyrics sound like a bummer, it’s just a  fun and funny song all together.  I know I’m not alone in the birthday hating.”



Varro is a Santa Cruz native who creatively captures her emotions and writes them in such a way where the audience will feel like they’re experiencing them too. Her melody work will have her songs playing in your head during the day, and keeping you up at night.  Through her unwavering determination, commitment and work ethic, her music has taken on a life of its own. She combines real instruments with electronic elements to create an epic sound that is not only beautiful, but powerful as well.  Her intricate music ignites the senses and energize the soul.  A strong piece from start to finish, “Birthday” spins a captivating musical spell that its listeners will willingly undergo.  With a big future in the pop genre, new listeners will go ecstatic to learn of the artists’ major repertoire and magnanimous releases previously made.  With unwavering drums keeping time and electronic beats to follow along melodic and entrancing vocals, the song lives out the title with its unique and individual style.  The pop genre will never know what hit it, and Varro Vivyds will soon see a climb to being one of the favorite names among your favorite modern day artists.   It comes as no surprise that she creates an auditory and visual kaleidoscope for her audience.  She creates sounds that are guaranteed to take the listener on a cosmic and lively journey.  From her ingenuity and authenticity to her overall creative sound, she truly shines brighter than the rest.  You can connect with Varro Vivyds via the following links:


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