Portland-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sarah Moon releases catchy, versatile debut album ‘Cut & Run’

“I want to take my music as far as I can”, says Portland based singer, songwriter and guitarist Sarah Moon. Moon has one of those epic, riveting, and engaging voices that pulls you in. While paying respectful homage to her influences including Etta James, Chris Cornell, classic rock and early blues, her style and vibe may seem familiar but her dynamic delivery and vocal sensibilities are all her own. Sarah makes her point on her new record, “Cut & Run”. The record features sonic textures of blues, rock, and pop showcased with excellent songwriting and passionate lyrical delivery all mixed together into a potent brew that leaves the listener wanting more. Growing up in a household where her parents worked in live music production, music has always been, in some form or fashion, a big part of what Sarah is about. Maybe it was fate or the subliminal effect of hearing her mother singing around the house, Sarah began singing as a child and was good enough at a young age to land a gig with the Rapid City Children’s Chorus. As time moved forward she received classical vocal training and continues her musical journey through recording music and regularly gigging at venues in Northwest United States and Canada.





Moon enlisted #1 Billboard charting San Francisco based producer Jaimeson Durr, who has worked with Sammy Hagar, Nancy Wilson, Train and members of The Grateful Dead, to bring her musical vision into view. Along with Moon’s versatile voice, guitar playing and production chops, the record also features her writing partner, guitarist, mandolinist, backing vocalist and co-producer Brandon Cook, co-producer keyboardist and percussionist Andy Korn, hard hitting drummer Kyle Baltus, bassist Allen Hunter and guest appearances by Jean-Pierre Garau on keyboards, The Davis Sisters on vocals, with Lewis Dragulin and Jon VanCura adding horns. The record was tracked at The Hallowed Halls recording studio in Portland Oregon. Moon is currently planning to tour in support of Cut & Run in late 2022. You can connect with Sarah Moon via the following links. Photo credit: Sofia Angelina Photography. Bio taken from press release.


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