Output 1:1:1 premieres new single “Issue At Track Level”

Based in Toronto, musical project Output 1:1:1 creates a sonic representation of what truly makes us human: our complex emotions.  Although his influences include lyricists Kendrick Lamar and Laura Marling, as well as hometown heroes Broken Social Scene and legendary English rock band Radiohead, Output 1:1:1’s creator Daniel Janvier employs instinct and out of the box experimentation to take listeners beyond pre-existing genre lines, pushing boundaries and journeying into exciting new aural territory.  “At some point I realized how to write songs in my own voice, and not rely on the sounds and ideas my heroes already created,” he reveals. “I’ve dealt with depression since I was fairly young, and I developed a fear that I am what’s wrong with my music. I still have that fear biting at me, but I think I’m learning how to engage it in my work instead of trying to hide from it.”  As a proud member of Unite Here, the international hospitality workers’ union, Janvier believes in the value of hard work and is driven to help others even in the smallest of ways.  Understanding the struggle of modern living and the grind of every day life, as Output 1:1:1 he fosters a thoughtful intimacy between himself and his listeners by assigning sounds to a rainbow of emotions, awakening those that are so easy to bury and ignore and transforming them from abstract concepts into fuel to empower and enlighten.

Today sees the release of his latest single “Issue At Track Level”.  “Being on a busy subway platform is a nerve wracking experience”, says Janvier.  “I’m terrified of being inadvertently shoved onto the tracks by people quickly moving from one place to the other. Do those people continue shoving through others to get where they’re going? What about the people who stop and look? Surely somebody would do something, right? I don’t see this as a moral call to arms but an expression of fear. I don’t think the guilty culprit or culprits in the song are intentionally malicious. They weren’t out to hurt anyone. They have somewhere to be and there’s some object in their way. It’s not that they’re evil, it’s that they’re indifferent. That can be much worse.”  You can listen to the track and watch the video below.


Output 1:1:1 is currently preparing for the release of his upcoming EP Retroactive Rock Record, due out on November 1, 2019.  Recorded and engineered by Sean Sutherland, the album is an expressive and personal exploration of uncertainty, growth, and self-discovery.  “I had a series of panic attacks in 2016. I started trying to interpret them through music and found my voice,” Janvier said about the development of the album.  “Sean was incredibly supportive during this process.  His own experiments pushed the songs into territory I didn’t know was possible”.  Retroactive Rock Recordpromises to be an honest space through which both Janvier and his listeners can explore and own their emotions together, one gripping song at a time.  You can follow Output 1:1:1 and stay up-to-date with all upcoming artist, album and tour news via the following links.  Photo credit: Emma Letki.

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