Obituary – Immolation – Blood Incantation – Ingrown // Louisville, KY // 5.28.23

Obituary with Immolation, Blood Incantation, and Ingrown

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, KY

May 28th, 2023


Iconic death metal band Obituary brought their Barely Alive In America Tour to Louisville, KY on May 28th to a packed house, the final stop on their tour! Metal shows are always a lot of fun, with passionate fans and lots of energy, headbanging, crowd surfing, and mosh pits! As fans filed into the venue, they quickly filled the floor and balcony, ready for a great night of music. Starting out the evening was Idaho hardcore band Ingrown. They quickly got the crowd moving, with singer/guitarist Ross Hansen blowing through the songs with a tireless pace. Having formed in 2015, they performed songs from their 2017 EP Meathead and their 2021 album Gun, as well as some singles they’ve released. With a fun and fast-paced energy on stage, the crowd was moshing and enjoying the songs. They did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up for the evening ahead. Next up was Colorado death metal band Blood Incantation. Performing songs from their 2015 EP Interdimensional Extinction, as well as the albums Starspawn (2016) and Hidden History of The Human Race, their fans in the crowd sang along with singer/guitarist Paul Reidl. Reidl, guitarist Morris Kolontyrsky, and bassist Jeff Barrett engaged the crowd throughout the set. Reidl chatted a bit with the crowd, thanking everyone for coming out and saying how great the tour had been. Next up was New York death metal band Immolation, one of the leaders of the New York death metal scene. Having formed in 1986, they have amassed a passionate fan base over the years, with many in the crowd this evening ready for their set. Singer Ross Dolan thanked the crowd early on for coming out, saying how he sensed some old school fans in the crowd this evening, treating them to a song from the band’s first album. He talked about how it was sad that it was the last night of tour and thanked all of the bands on the bill. “It’s been a great honor to be out on the road with such great bands and people”, going on to thank and praise each band individually. He aslo gave a shout out to the ‘unsung heroes” behind the scenes who keep the tour going night after night. They put on a great set, ending things with “Let The Darkness In”.

Closing out the evening was Obituary, one of the most successful death metal bands of all time. Having released 11 studio albums over their 3 decade career, they played a nice and varied setlist this evening, pleasing fans old and new alike. The band released their latest album this year, Dying of Everything, performing a few tracks from the album, including “Dying of Everything”, “Barely Alive”, “The Wrong Time”, and “War”. The band was full of energy, engaging with each other and the crowd, with the crowd opening up a sizeable mosh pit during the set. Singer John Tardy moved all around the stage, full of energy, with the band and crowd hyping each other up. With plenty of crowd surfers making their way to the front, it was a fun time all around. Ending their set with “Weaponize the Hate”, they then performed a three song encore that included “”War”, “Chopped In Half”, and “Slowly We Rot”. It was a fun night with a great crowd and seemed like a great end to a great tour!




Blood Incantation





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