New York alternative rock musician Elyza Bleau premieres her new single “Apparition” from her upcoming EP ‘Haunted’

Elyza Bleau, the New York based alternative rock musician, is back at her music.  She’s had a love for music since she was young, singing in her church’s choir and a stage presence that couldn’t be ignored. Starting in the 5th grade, she sang in every choir and every musical she could, while also playing french horn in her school’s band, though she regrets she didn’t pick the drums.  Though her family didn’t support her musical aspirations, she was a born singer/songwriter.  Her newest single, “Apparition,” a song from part of her upcoming EP, Haunted, is a very personal song for her that she makes relatable through music.  Echoing that of U2 and the Dixie Chicks, it’s about her family’s legacy and more broadly about one’s own legacy, not being able to be who you want to be due to your family’s expectations or ideas of who you should be.  It’s about not fitting a mold that fits your ancestry and the hurdles that come with that.  “Apparition” is an engrossing song in every aspect; the lyrics pull you into the story, her vocals are soulful and meaningful, and the music makes you want to get up and rock out. This song is for anyone that loves music. We can’t wait to hear the entire EP and how “Apparition” is weaved into her greater story.

“I was really inspired by this need to trace our heritage in the zeitgeist and the expectations that families and cultures can have around people falling in line with it, even if your path is very different. I’ve always enjoyed music that inspires me to get up and dance and say “I’m here and this is who I am!” so I felt inspired to write something that could stick in people’s heads and remind you that just because someone is calling you to be like them, doesn’t mean you have to “call them back”. I’ve always been a very positive person, despite growing up surrounded by the opposite. I always look for the silver lining and ways to express that so it’s truly genuine and meaningful and not just words. The lyrics in Apparition are arranged in such a way musically to highlight specific parts of a sentence that wouldn’t necessarily be highlighted in that way.”






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