Music Streaming Pros and Cons With Wil Ray of Max Raptor

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On the final night of their UK tour, Max Raptor’s Wil Ray sat down with us and opened up about the revival of physical albums and the bittersweet outcomes of music streaming.

I think people are always going to go for the easiest way to pick something up. Just like anything in life, people always find the easiest way to do something. But there is definitely a change at the moment, vinyls had a massive resurgence and outsold CDs last year. I think people are beginning to realize that they want a product. They want something tangible and something they can hold and vinyl gives you that. If you put as much effort into the artwork as you do the music, it kind of comes together and people see that and appreciate the packaging and thought that goes into it. With streaming, it’s good because it gets our music out there, but the flipside is that we don’t get paid for it. I mean, it’s a matter of pennies, but I think money is kind of irrelevant until you get to a certain point so we are just kind of going to go with it.


Max Raptor’s brand new album drops April 22nd and is available for pre-order here and their new track “Big Divide” can be streamed here.

Stitched Sound’s full interview with Wil Ray will be in our upcoming digital issue, out next month!

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Interview by Rachael Dowd

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One thought on “Music Streaming Pros and Cons With Wil Ray of Max Raptor

  1. I quite agree ,so much effort no monetary pay back but great satisfaction in knowing you are actually getting out there to your fans ,relentless touring and hard work goes along way for something you believe in ,it makes it all worth while.Heres to massive success to max raptor they thoroughly deserve it vinyls or streaming..igo with both,i love vinyls as wil says something physical to have and collect as we did originally,to discuss the art work was amazing ,i cant wait to get my copy of max raptor.x

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