Microwave – Origami Angel – Heart Attack Man // Louisville, Kentucky // 6.2.24

Microwave with Origami Angel, Heart Attack Man

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, Kentucky

June 2nd, 2024

American rock band, Microwave, made a stop in downtown Louisville, Kentucky this past Sunday evening.  This show was the start of the last week of their headlining tour. Fans were filling up the venue quickly, wearing Microwave merch, anticipating what the evening would bring.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd started to erupt with screams. Punk rock group, Heart Attack Man, walked on stage and put on one hell of a show to help kick off the evening. The energy was so high throughout the room and had people jumping and moshing around. As their set was coming to a close,  they played their song “Freak of Nature”.

Up next was duo Origami Angel, hailing from Washington, D.C. Seeing a duo like this is something special. Their sound was captivating and would love to see them again. They played for a long while and the crowd kept continuing to cheer them on. Songs that caught my attention were “Ruby’, and “Noah Fence”. I would recommend giving them a listen and catching a show if they are touring near you.

The night went on and fans were ready to see the main act. The lights dimmed once again, and inflatable mushrooms towards the back of the stage began to light up. As Microwave made their way to the stage, fans jumped up and down, cheering. Many die hard fans covered the barricade in the front row, singing their hearts out to “Bored of Being Sad”.

As the show went on, the crowd continued to carry so much energy, making the night feel special. A great way to kick off the week. Microwave played songs such as “Roaches”, and “Whimper”. They ended their set with “But Not Often”. Fans clapped and cheered, thanking Microwave for an unforgettable night. If you have a chance to see Microwave, get out there to the show!



Heart Attack Man

Origami Angel


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