Lenci premieres her new single “Got To Get To Know You”

North Carolina native Lenci is not afraid to express her affinity for synthesizing music genres through her songwriting and instrumentation. With her songs often about the trials of love and life she has given her music a unique title. Her music reflects who she is internally and externally, even the parts she tries to hide or the mistakes she tried to bury. It’s fluid, sometimes playful, mostly about romance and all of its ups and down, but always true; that’s why she calls it “whimsical soul”.  Today she reveals her new single “Got to Get to Know You,” which is a charming first look into the world of the buzzworthy and upcoming artist. Throughout the track her vocals float on a dreamy cloud that will draw you in from start to finish. Bold instrumentation surrounds her in-depth lyricism, as the song builds with intensity. It’s equal parts soulful and harmonious which will have you head over heels for her. Her smooth voice fits the song like a glove with subtle emotions and a hazy, outstanding melody.



Says Lenci about the track:


“I hope that when people listen to this song they understand that it’s ok to ask the “hard questions” when you are getting to know someone romantically.  Their reaction and answers reflect where they are at that moment and if they are compatible with you.  Let your mind speak before your heart gets involved!”


“Dating is exhausting.  I wrote this song because I wanted to express that I’m drained from meeting potential partners that can only offer external desirability.  I think the most attractive trait someone can have is not the way they look, but the way they think.”


When Lenci isn’t recording, she is conducting psychological research for her Master’s Degree at North Carolina State University. She has a passion not only for music but understands the importance and power of education and the impact that access to knowledge has on our lives.  “Got to Get to Know You,” is out via all digital platforms, today.  You can connect with Lenci via the following links:


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